“You Rock” Spotlight: Simi Pacific Building Materials

This month we would like to recognize Simi Pacific Building Materials located in Simi Valley, CA.   Having been with us for ten months, they have become our strongest private distributor of Green Rock.  Simi Pacific is a family owned and operated building supply company with a strong client base.  With only one facility location, projects are never short in supply.

Anthony, the son and Manager of Simi Pacific is pleased to carry a recycled decorative ground cover.  He has recognized and anticipated his clients’ need for a product like GreenRock.  Anthony states “I like the fact that it accrues LEED points and that the color is very universal.  It is a very clean product with a good price point.  Our clients like Green Rock very much.”

We have to take our hats off to Simi Pacific Building Materials and thank them for such a great working relationship.  “YOU ROCK”

William H. Owen