What is LEED?

We have seen it in magazines and heard about it in the media.  So what is this? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, national consensus-based, standard rating system for developing high performance and sustainable “green” buildings.


Green design involves finding the delicate balance between commercial and residential structures and the sustainable environment (earth).  Environmental considerations and energy efficiency has become a significant part of building design and purchasing criteria. Balanced with important criteria, such as product safety, price, performance and availability have turned this into a social responsibility.


So where does Green Rock fit into this?  As an entirely new concept to the landscaping market, Green Rock has become a favorite among Landscape Architects for its’ attractive substitute.  We import the defective product produced by brick, block and tile companies, resulting in our special blending process of the beautiful and textured concrete paving stones, concrete block and concrete roofing tiles.


Our product does not contain contaminated solutions imbedded in the material.   Once we blend and crush this product into its various sizes, it becomes a “recycled decorative permeable ground cover.”  The great part about this is that we help reduce the depletion of our natural resources.  We also help keep this material out of inert landfills reducing the footprint needed for disposal by creating an eco-friendly solution. Using green resources, we can all do our part by helping to provide a more sustainable living environment.


Earn LEED credits using Green Rock as a replacement for water consuming ground cover.


by William Owen, GreenRock Sales