Make First Impressions Count

We know that first impressions make lasting ones and we have to make every moment of the first count.  Whether it is a brand, location or individual – the first impression is crucial to how others perceive our introduction, appearance or projects. Judging by most residential and commercial spaces, we most likely have the impression that they are not environmentally conscious. This view is quickly changing thanks to new laws adopted in Texas, Nevada and Arizona. The new trend of using non-traditional paving materials have reached new heights and is vastly becoming a long term requirement by most states that landscape designers, contractors and architects are to spec natural and sustainable materials for land development and building construction sites. A clearer understanding is that attention must be paid to who is using recycled and natural resources and if not, why?

Here are a few examples to garner impressionable design success with sustainable and natural resources and ways to develop and promote the use of these materials.

~Use GreenRock™ materials to develop company signage that is incorporated onto the landscaped space. (Next month we will delve into how GreenRock™ can create company signage using our unique materials).

~Develop a LEED/Green promotional campaign – take a page from Wells Fargo LEED Certified green campaign:

~Using recycled landscape rock such as GreenRock™ to boost landscape appeal can add value to your projects and increase ROI.

~Promote your project as a LEED certified project through marketing collateral and press releases.


by Stephanie E. and William Owen