GreenRock™ Becomes a Sponsor for VISION House® Los Angeles 2012

GreenRock™ Becomes a Sponsor for VISION House® Los Angeles

SIMI VALLEY, April 30, 2012

GreenRock™ is excited to announce they have been selected to participate in the VISION House® Los Angeles project; a joint partnership between Green Builder® Media and Los Angeles based builder, Structure Home. The project will showcase the home of the future bringing to life in the VISION House® a beautiful custom designed home that is sensitive to neighborhood and environmental concerns. The Home is scheduled to open in early June this year in Pacific Palisades, California.

VISION House®  Los Angeles is a research and training demonstration house program that will provide landscape architects, contractors, builders, remodelers, designers and consumers with essential green building information relating to both new construction and retrofit/remodeling.  The home, located in Pacific Palisades, California will be an example of a high performance infill project in an urban setting and will focus on newly adopted CalGreen codes emphasizing optimized performance in areas such as water conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable materials” as stated by GreenBuilder® Media press release.

GreenBuilder® Media will host a variety of educational, promotional and community focused events after construction of the home.  GreenRock™ will also be on hand throughout the showcase to lead conversations on how to earn LEED credits using our recycled landscape materials, permeable paving products and ways to design green roofing projects.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to showcase our products that will help visitors learn how to implement changes to their outdoor living spaces making them more sustainable,” says President Ken Newman.

Why choose GreenRock™ as a landscape material?

As a product of RAMCO™ our decorative rock is a direct result of special blends of concrete roofing tiles, paving stones and concrete block offering a unique color and texture for a decorative rock and is a smart solution for any home or commercial space.  Benefits include:

A 100% Recycled Content Material ~ A sustainable solution for lawn and garden design.

A Great Source for Permeable Paving ~ Directs storm water runoff and permeates through the pavement directly into the ground.

Water Conservation for Commercial & Residential Spaces ~ is a water-wise alternative to lawns and gardens offering an attractive sustainable solution.

LEED Accredited ~ The ability to earn LEED credits on sustainable/green building/designs.

*For more information about our participation in the VISION House® Los Angeles project give us a call at 877.732.8356